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jasonsmith 02-01-2013 03:39 PM

Looking for ELS V5 Enabled Black and Whites...
Okay, I know I should be asking for someone to link me to them, But I also have issues I wanted to ask about.

1) I just got ELS V5 and every time i install an ELS Enabled Car it either doesn't turn out right or messes up the Game to where I have 0 cars at all.

2) How exactly do you alter the vehicles.ide handling and w/e? Half the time I want a Car the File isn't even in my Veh.img files, I try renaming it to Police or Police2 however I have to alter the Handling and Vehicles.ide and The file is all weird and doesn't even match the one I want to alter.

3) and Sorry I know I probably should be in a Help section but I wasn't sure or w/e. I just really need some Help/Advice.

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