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mixdrift 01-09-2013 09:13 AM

Gta 4 Video editor Render [help]
Hi all I have the problem with video render when i press 720p or WEB it said

You do not have enough system resources to export at this resolution

Well My Pc system

Geforse 630GT 2GB
AMD Athlon(tm) II x4 641 Quad Core Processor 2.80Ghz
4GB Ram DDR3
200GB Hard Drive

Gta 4 Patch

DeVer47 07-27-2013 08:36 AM

Well, i Don't know about this
But I have the Same Problem with 720p and I Can Use the WEB

If You Want To Record What Have you Been Edit
Just use Some Program Like Fraps (Fraps Is Cool and Good at Recording but the File size after recording is so Big), Bandicam, MSI Afterburner, Camtasia..
i use Fraps Too to Record my Video after I Edit It in GTA IV..

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