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maxpin 01-01-2013 11:58 PM

need help for this patch 1040
i installed patch 1040 for gta iv and i have two problems whith it
1- the picture in game is not smooth (Aliasing) compared to patch 1070
2- the game take many time to load to play also compared to patch 1070
but the visual in patch 1040 with ENB is the best of 1070
any one have help
sorry for my bad english
my cpu spec
intel core i5 2500K
8GB 1600
GTX 570 o.c

sharp_nt6 02-01-2013 04:51 AM

Your PC sounds good enough. try re-installing the game or possibly getting a better graphics card. I had a similar problem, and a new graphics card fixed it...

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