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Littlejoe-42 12-29-2012 09:54 PM

my script requests
I really enjoyed driving a cab for Roman. Can a script be made that can bring this back, perhaps for the entire city? I was able to get my last customer, who was in a rush, to his destination while still following the rules of the road; and I was looking forward to doing more when I was told by the game that I had to stop.

Dammit, just as I was about to have fun! Driving the cab gives one something to do if they feel just like driving around the city, and for some reason I DID enjoy the sound of somebody bitching about my driving behind me, especailly if they request a comfortable ride (it added to the challenge).

Second, why not put Niko's hospital gear, and the emergency room, to good use. Perhaps Niko can punch in, run from room to room doing triage work (perhaps colored arrows over patients on gurneys and beds, signifying how long the poor sap has left in this world). Save a life, make a few bucks, run to the next room, bouncing against extra people who clog up the hallways. Make a big save, too much money appears, people are dying in the other rooms as Niko runs around picking up cash. Too much death, the other doctors declare you a menace to society and call the police (2 or 3 stars, good luck getting lost). Niko's only hope, punch out and end the shift before anyone finds out Niko's medical degree came from Eastern Europe.

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