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RoyalPredator 12-25-2012 04:02 AM

[The Lamborghini Challange]

Welcome at The Lamborghini Challange!

This is a request for you modders. Anyone can try to complete the task, but only one will win.
The prize is yet unknown, but I'll offer a testing opportunity for my upcomming Skyrim overhaul called "Death Snow" - for start.

Anyway, here is the task:
I want to drive the very best Lamborghini in the game. The problem is, there are parts in different models I love and some I don't like. So lets mix it together!

Lamborghini Reventón LP800-4 SV
(Will have a new name after a legendary bull)
  • The car base is the Reventón
  • Headlights are from Reventón & Aventador style mix with LEDs
  • Interiors are from Aventador, but the seats are Murciélago SV's, LCD: Black backgrounded Lambo logo, Reventón's RPM # KMPH LED pics
  • Exhauster <- Aventador, "4 staged"
  • Front and Rear carbon spoilers from Murciélago SV
  • Spoiler from Murciélago SV, with vertical wing pieces on the side
  • Side carbon panel style from Aventador if it fits well
  • No other changes. Wheels stays Reventón's too.

Quick example:

Important details:
  • The side vents must be assigned to Rear Left & Right Doors
  • The engine's hood assigned to hood, and the spoiler as trunk (EPM Braking)
  • Door must be scissor (SV)
  • Exhauster must work well, good point if Nitro flames placed well
  • The car must be colorable, and have at least 1+4 different paintjob option (I'll made some very cool ones!)
  • If you can keep the phisical base of Smokey's 2010 Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce v2.0 [EPM], thats a plus point (because I've already made an awesome handling for that one) - But this is no ant important detail.

I think this is a great opportunity to test yourself as a modder.
However, This mod will rock :) - I'll add my own realistic handling line to it

RoyalPredator 12-27-2012 10:19 AM

C'mon modders, this one will be awesome!

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