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Ragner 12-22-2012 08:57 PM

Unable to Patch v1.01 of GTA: SA Client
Hello! I hope everyone's holiday is going well.
I recently bought GTA San Andreas from Amazon, it was an online download. Amazon gave me the option to download v2.0 or the Standard Edition, which I assumed was v1.0. However, my assumption was incorrect as the version was 1.01. I'm able to mod the GTA Files and whatnot, but I am unable to use trainers because they do not support v1.01. I attempted to download patches in order to downgrade my version 1.01 of GTA: SA to v1.0, but the patch was unable to do so. The patch gave me an error stating that it was unable to recognize my version of GTA: SA, the exact words were "Unknown Version". The directory is correct and I've searched almost endlessly in hopes of finding a solution, or a trainer to support v1.01, but I was unable to do so. If you know of a solution, please inform me of it. Thank you :)

Rizqan7 07-23-2013 08:51 AM

You have cracked your GTA SA, installing it again will fix the problem ;)

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