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Kiwi2703 11-19-2012 11:05 AM

GTA 4 doesn't start with d3d9.dll
Hello! I want to add some graphics mods to my GTA 4 (retail version).
However, the game doesn't start (gtaiv.exe is running in processes, but the game just won't start) when some mod adds d3d9.dll file to the game's root folder.
For example - I have the whole ENB mod installed, but when its d3d9.dll file is in the root folder, the game just won't start. When I rename it or delete it, the game starts. But the mod looks weird.
I have .net 4 and c++ redist installed and there are no d3d apps running in the background. I also have latest nvidia drivers.
Can someone help me with this? Thanks! :)

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