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Showstopper 26 11-14-2012 11:55 AM

Now What?
How long will Rockstar go dark before another update? Do they allow hands on sessions of their games before release with journalists or only demos run by Rockstar themselves? Do you guys feel confident this will be out in the Spring? Was RDR delayed?

Edit: RDR's launch date was announced 5 months in advance...looks likethe todays trailer should have included the date.

lillb 11-14-2012 12:12 PM

Well from what I remember of previous Rockstar games (since GTA IV) hands on walkthroughs were available to press before release, although I'm not sure exactly how early, probably a couple months or so. Also I've gone to the last 3 PAX East events in Boston and Rockstar had a big showing at all 3 of them. First year was RDR which had a hands on playable demo for everyone to play (behind closed doors). Next was LA Noire which we were able to see a walkthough (not hands on) of a case while a Rockstar rep explained the game mechanics to us. Last year was Max Payne 3 and we got a hands on playthrough of a level.

PAX East is March 22-24 this year. I fully expect Rockstar to be showing off GTA V at that time. I think it's safe to assume press will get to see a walkthrough of it before then. I also expect their PAX East showing to be a hands on playthrough like RDR and MP3.

iKlipse 11-14-2012 12:12 PM

They would be leaving the release date for later in case of an unexpected delay, kind of a smart move considering a couple of their previous games have been delayed and pissed off a lot of impatient fans.

As long as it stays as spring 2013 and doesnt turn into summer 2013, im happy. Knowing were going to be waiting 6 months at the max (march, april and may) is better than not knowing anything at all. But im more looking towards 4, nearly 5 months.

victim 11-14-2012 12:18 PM

Next up is probably an update to the Official Website to make it more interactive and all that. Don't expect an actual solid release date until the third trailer, which will probably be in February or March depending on what month of Spring the game is coming out in.

kb24sd 11-14-2012 07:58 PM

R* is in their full on promotional period now for GTA V.

I doubt they will do a Gameplay series videos like they did for L.A. Noire & Max Payne 3.Those games need it because L.A. Noire was using some new facial motion capture software which was an important part to that game.Max Payne 3 they introduced new shooting style and heck that game franchise was close to 10 years old since the last time Max Payne 2 came out on a different console generation.

R* will continue to spoon feed us with info over the next couple of months leading up to the 3rd trailer and announcement of the exact release date.

They have plenty more to reveal and talk about.They haven't discussed multi player yet, the game's soundtrack, and future DLC.

Also expect to see more pre views in gaming magazines and gaming websites.

Lukeyy19 11-14-2012 08:10 PM

with IV they just released info and screenshots over time for a while, and as the release edged nearer they updated their website with video clips of characters and bios, also little advertisements for cars and TV shows within the game, have a look at, if you ignore the EFLC stuff, I'm pretty sure the site still looks like it did in the last month or so before the game was released with all the interactive stuff.

Journalists will probably get to play the game themselves about a month before it's released if i remember rightly from IV.

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