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neelespn 11-01-2012 06:17 AM

Ultimate green screen mod
Use GTA for video production,
not like other mods just an green screen but much more

this mod is different from other GTA GREENSCREEN mods,

1.Now the whole city is just one big green screen, so you can make action videos in your backyard when shooting and killing done by GTA,
better than others they just have one wall

2. Its easy to go from Green screen to normal mode, so you can make a how its made video of your actions.

3. This quality is on its best, with key light its easy to do what ever you can imagine you want.

4. this mod comes with shocking extras, like total naked strippers,
hardcore posters, new camera features , blood improvement , better explosions, better ped textures (more realistic people) better car textures and lots more.

5. an great collection of tips and trick of how to work with this mod , and let it combine with any other mod,

6. works with liberty episodes as well

We still working on some improvements and extras,
If you are interested and willing to support us, please don't be afraid, share this with others so they can also subscribe, how more subscribers how sooner onGlobalproductions will finish and upload this mod on their website.

Edit English,

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