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Supergibb 11-01-2012 01:48 AM

Is EFLC well supported among the modding community?
I've heard that many of the mods put out only work with GTA4. Is this true? EFLC is already a 16GB download, so i don't want to spend all that memory just to find out that most of the mods out are incompatible.

Also, is there a mod for anti-aliasing in EFLC? Because that's pretty damn important to me.


Killerfist 11-01-2012 05:30 AM

You should buy the game, not download it .. it's not that expensive

But to answer your questions, yes there is an anti-aliasing mod:

The episodes for Gta IV (TLAD and TBOGT) work with the same files mostely, weapons , player items, car mods work on every version of the game so it doesn't matter if you use them for Gta IV or the episodes. Script mods are the only exception, some need a specific patch to work but most will work with Tbogt/tlad too.

Prepare yourself though, because modding means backing up files (mods replace default files mostely) so that means you'll have to backup your entire game. If you really can't spare the memory then you can also backup files you are going to replace but sooner or later you'll mess up and not have a back-up if you do it that way. That would mean re-installing the entire game to get that default file back.

Supergibb 11-01-2012 07:10 PM

Lol, it's on my Steam account dude.

And if files become corrupt or go missing, Steam has a system that replaces those files without having to download everything again.

Also, are script files the ones usually found in the "Misc" section of the mod site? Like bloodier combat, gang wars etc.?

Thanks for your help.

Killerfist 11-02-2012 05:35 AM

Oh sorry, lot of people here that come to complain on how their pirated copy of Gta 4 doesn't work

Yes script files are usually in the misc section, like the ones you name. Once you have scripthook.dll and an asiloader (like xliveless or dsound) they are quite easy to install and remove. So you can always try if they work, and simply delete them if they don't. As for the other files like I said, they work for EFLC anyhow.. just make sure you open the right .img files

EFLC has a main pc/models/cdimages folder where you'll find all the basic Gta 4 weapons, and they also have that same folder inside /tbogt and /tlad for all the episodic weapons.

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