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smushpie 10-12-2012 02:47 AM

Smushpie's NYPD ESU Mod HD - Feedback
I made this thread so that I can get some feedbacks before my mod is published entitled "Smushpie's NYPD ESU Mod HD" (awaiting admin approval now)

I literally spent 3 years on this (school + work) and I have gotten the font, font spacing, image spacing and the pixels counts for both the font and image on my vehicles/clothes

Everything will be in the rar soon
sorry to release this way late! I as thinking of just keeping it mine and never release it but
then my hard work to show off is wasted so I decided to upload this and maybe people can use this
in their movies or mods such as LCPDFR

Note: All these skins looks HD crispy if you put game setting maxed out (the screenshot below is my lesser system; I tested it out with a higher performance comp and saw all of my design HD crisp but those screenshots are not with me right now)

it just looks 100% HD better in game (with settings FULLY maxed; not the distance values but everything else).

This mod will be underneath "Scripts" and download links are mediafire

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