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marius12375 09-28-2012 04:19 PM

TBoGT lag problems
Since 2 weeks my game stopped working correctly :(
When i am on foot, anything is good, but when i play more than like 5 minutes
and try to drive a car, my frame rate drops to less than 5 fps until i get out of
the car. I got the self problem with .net scripts that are using a menu
( as example ) I never got that problem before and i don't
know what happened. I already reinstalled the .Net Script Hook, Asi loader and ScriptHook.

Used mods:
Most are from HippieCommunists modpack.
I've tried all the mods individually, but i got the problem when i just use the .Net Script Hook.
Is there a way, that my game randomly becomes incompatible with the .Net Script Hook.?
I haven't installed new mods..
Anyone know, what i can do now? I don't want to play without the nice mods :/
And.. It will not help to turn settings lower, i got 5 fps in 640x480 and in 1600x900.

alpha0098 09-10-2013 04:02 PM

hi ijust play tbogt.
i havepentium4 and geforce9600 pc with lot of mod and enb.
and my graphic settings are medium and detail distance is 100 and view distance is 100 and vcync is on and texture filtering is
*16. and resolution 1600*900.

and there is no lag. but you can download amingo360 and razer game booster .

if it doesn't fix open your task manager and click on {processes} and have right click on eflc.ex and click on set priority

and set it on realtime maybe it's work .

and you can discuss your problem with me .

here is my email :

Fireblaze 01-27-2014 05:43 AM

Try out Razer Game Booster , it really will boost your frame rates !!
Make sure your drive is empty as GTA 4 requires lot of extra space in the drive to run smoothly .

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