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ii_LAW_man 09-15-2012 06:40 PM

GTA 4 PC Mods
Hi there my name is Luke,
I regularly play GTA4 on PC but I get put off by watching all the modding on it. I can't mod and find it very difficult to understand how. I have previously Modded San Andreas for the Muitplayer but it took my ages and I had a friend come round to help aswell, He won't help me with GTA4 as he dislikes the game but he would play if I could get him a feww cool cars on it. I only want 2 or3 car packs with Ferraris, Lambos, Nissans and other cool cars for PC but how? Please can someone help me. I probaly won't get much time to check this Forum but i'll try if not then Please email me at

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