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BslBryan 09-08-2012 10:52 PM

Marty Mcfly mod v2 and playerped.rpf
Hey there. I'm a noob here but I've got a lot of experience modding other games and software. So I've got GTA IV. I bought it just to do the popular BTTF mods. I'm having trouble transforming Niko into Marty.
So first off, because I'm new I'll answer the questions you'll definitely ask me first. Yes, the game's folder is set to read+write. Also, MagicPatcher told me that the patch was not necessary for the game after version - but to instead move a .pak file into my game's data folder. Done.

Now I've installed BOTH SparkIV and OpenIV. Every single page I've found on the subject tells me to navigate to a different folder - some which don't exist. for instance, on a Russian webpage it tells me to open data \ pc \ models \ cdimages \ playerped.rpf. This directory is available on SparkIV but not on OpenIV. It's like the directories are formatted differently in each piece of software. Annoying. Anyway, so the important part is playerped.rpf and really the most important part is what's allegedly inside - m_y_gkor_lo_02.wtd (this is the sole file that downloads with the Marty McFly V2 mod). However once I actually navigate to playerped, that file isn't even in there to replace.

I scoured the forums and found that m_y_gkor_lo_02.wtd is actually in componentpeds.img. So I replace the file there. I start up my game - it doesn't crash (this would at least indicate a problem) but instead does absolutely nothing. So I went back, and tried simply adding the file into playerped.rpf. Again, absolutely no result. Niko is still Niko and I really don't know what else to try. All of the documentation that I read on this is conflicting and I sincerely hope it's easier to replace other textures/ activate other mods. I wanted to start with replacing Niko's texture with Marty's because I figured it would be the easiest to install and I wanted to try it out immediately. Instead I've been trying unsuccessfully all day - searching through pages and pages of Google translator's Russian translation of random websites.

Those of you who are more knowledgeable than I am, what am I doing wrong here?

Killerfist 09-09-2012 07:04 AM

Technically you're not doing anything wrong, that file does belong in the componentpeds.img, but the problem is that the mod replaces a certain civilian (not Niko). Componentpeds.img has all the pedestrian models in it , playerped.rpf is for Niko. So when installing a mod that replaces files in componentpeds.img you're replacing a pedestrian.

About OpenIV, it just skips the 'pc' folder so you can go straight to models/cdimages. But I recommend using SparkIV if you're new to this because it'll tell you if the file doesn't exist (so you know you're in the wrong image).

If you still want to change into that person you could try simple native trainer, first make sure you have your game updated to the latest patch ( or the one before that (

Then just drop these files in your main folder (Usually program files(x86)/Rockstar Games/Grand theft auto 4):

I uploaded that package myself and it has all the required files for the trainer (and you won't need to install any extra files when installing your next script mod). It does have an asiloader aswel (dsound.dll) since you already have xliveless.dll you can either just not install dsound or remove xliveless (removing xliveless will re-enable the GFWL interface).

Now when you've installed it just hit F3 (ingame) and browse to 'model spawning' with numpad (8 is up, 2 is down and 5 is your enter button).

Then browse through that list until you find m_y_gkor_lo_02 and select that one, now you'll turn into that guy. You can keep playing as him, but I'd advice you not to try to play missions with a pedestrian. The cut-scene will most-likely freeze up. But you can free roam all you like with that model

BslBryan 09-09-2012 01:08 PM

Thanks for the explanation, and for the link to simple native trainer. I'm doing a fresh reinstall of my game so I'll let you know after I get some mods up and running.

One other thing, I noticed that when I just popped m_y_gkor_lo_02.wtd into playerped.rpf and clicked "edit" in SparkIV, basically all of the textures were the same name as the textures in playerped. I'm just going to use the trainer, but would it be somehow possible to unarchive the m_y_gkor_lo_02.wtd and replace the files in playerped that way?

Killerfist 09-09-2012 01:19 PM

No that'll take alot more work than that, pedestrians have a single 3dmodel for their entire body (+head) Niko has different 3dmodels for all his clothing, pants, shoes, head etc

Unless you have experience with gta 4 player rigging in autodesk 3ds max you won't be able to convert it to Niko. I just checked out the mod on and I have to admit it's a very misleading description. It does indeed say that you replace Niko with it, but doesn't provide the right files to do so.

BslBryan 09-09-2012 02:07 PM

Thanks. One last thing, since I'm reinstalling, should I run the patch before or after I make the game moddable?

Killerfist 09-09-2012 02:35 PM

You don't have to make the game moddable, that's only for the very early patches

BslBryan 09-09-2012 02:58 PM

Should I still replace the filelist.pak?

Killerfist 09-09-2012 03:00 PM

No need, just update your game and you're ready to install mods

BslBryan 09-09-2012 04:26 PM

Okay, everything seems to be working great! The only problem I am having is that my m_y_gkor model isn't showing up in the list. It lets me play as other stock NPCs. How can I add my file to be chosen?

Killerfist 09-09-2012 04:48 PM

Browse to the next list with numpad 6 , just keep browsing and you'll find it

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