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Arsenik 09-04-2012 12:40 AM

Getting Fatal Error - Uncoverable Fault
Alrighty, I know there is lots of this kind of threads, but my problem is kinda weird:

-downloaded first mod of this page: the nissan 200SX (banshee)
-installed it with sparkiv, like the other mods aswell(which have worked correctly this far), also replaiced all the given lines for handling etc.
-so went to hunt for this car and turns out it looks still like banshee
-so im trying it and notice the handling lines are custom atleast
-went to save WITH the banshee
-installed it again with sparkiv(this time i really installed it, must have forgotten the first time i appempted :D)
-when loading the game the nissan is there
-works fine
-after like 30 minutes, the car gets wrecked and im jacking another banshee right away
-when driving the jacked car for like 15 seconds, i get this FATAL ERROR - Unrecoverable Fault and it crashes the game as usual
-so went for little investigation and turns out every time i get in another banshee than the one thats saved in front of my apartment, i get this crash after like 10-15 seconds IF i attemp to drive it (just sitting in the car won't launch the error)

Anyone else had this ever?
Does it cause the crash if i mod a car which is saved as "not modded" vehicle in game?
How come I am able to drive only this one banshee i've saved?

Also, I have one Mercedes(feltzer) that cant get too wrecked or it crashes the game w/o any error messages like the above one. Always when the engine gets too smoky, the car gets major damaged or the cops are shooting at it I get this "GTA IV has stopped working message".

But the Mercedes problem ain't that big, I can live with that because atleast I am able to drive it. :cool:

Killerfist 09-04-2012 01:23 AM

It's because of your saved file, you have to start a new game. Somehow the game can't cope with replaced parked cars

Arsenik 09-04-2012 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by Killerfist (Post 2267631)
It's because of your saved file, you have to start a new game. Somehow the game can't cope with replaced parked cars

Aight. Gotta try different save and see if the game co-operates.

Also, if someone has a hunt what might be the problem with my M-B, I'd love to hear it!

E: Just announcing that just playing a save which doesn't include replaiced vehicle on save point fixed the problem.

Thanks :D

leevin 12-26-2012 12:02 PM

so lately ive been getting this Error while playing GTA 4 and it happens at the same spot everytime and its while im doing quests.

"GTA IV FATAL ERROR: Unrecoverable fault - Please restart game"

Has anyone got this? or knows how to fix it? This problem started to happen when i saved my settings for my trainer and now this error started happening... Is it cause i saved my Trainer Settings? or is it something else?

Sorry to post on this thread but didnt wanna make another one... It doesnt happen when im just running and driving around roaming Freely but it happens when im only doing quests... Please Help...

kiddk 09-06-2014 05:07 PM

thanks for the help

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