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Trans-Am_ 08-23-2012 04:08 PM

Will 2GB of VRAM solve my "disappear textures" problem ?
Hi, I have a 380 MB vehicles.img and I use TrafficLoad, so the roads (or even the whole city !) are often partially missing... :(

My current video card is a 1GB HD4890.
Do you think the problem will be totally gone with a card with at least 2GB of video RAM ? (RAM should not be a problem, I have 8GB)

Thanks :)

Killerfist 08-23-2012 04:10 PM

Try removing trafficload, I know you'll have a shitload of taxis but your dissapearing textures problem will probably be gone

I have 4GB ram myself and had the same problem as you (sometimes even disappearing buildings, which would re-appear when you'd come close to them).

- Edit- Oh wait you meant videocard memory, well I don't know about that but 1GB should be enough. Just try removing trafficload and trying a different taxi-bug fix if that indeed solves the problem

Trans-Am_ 08-23-2012 09:31 PM

Ok, thanks ! ;)

I removed TrafficLoad and no more missing textures ! :P
But I didn't find a good replacement for it. :(

Killerfist 08-24-2012 05:05 AM

You could try TrafficControlSystem by daedaelus (I think you can find that one on but you'll need to register).

I also found this link on mediafire which has an archive with almost every taxibugfix in it (including trafficcontrolsystem)

Don't use them all at once, just try one and if that doesn't do the trick try the next. I'd start with trafficcontrolsystem. Also, make sure you have your traffic density (in the menu) on 20 or lower, most taxibug fixes don't work for a higher density. If that together with a fix does the trick you can always try setting it higher later.

Trans-Am_ 08-26-2012 07:44 PM


TrafficControlSystem (not the beta) in the pack is a good compromise for me : there are still lots of taxis (not so much with ~20/100 traffic density) but there is a good variety for the rest cars. :)
Low textures appears from time to time now but it's not very annoying.

Thanks !!

One question : is there a way to prevent some certain vehicles from appearing in the traffic ? (now I have some Laudromat Burritos, Mule, Boxville, etc. which are not replaced with high quality models)

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