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Pulseeey 08-12-2012 08:37 AM Vehicle Mods Online?

I bought GTA IV, and i want to mod my vehicles in my own games, such as free mode, party mode etc.

Well i have no ASI loaders or mod dll's in the files.. just installed, installed then install the car mod and handling. ok so i went into free mode, the model works but i can't get in the vehicle for some reason. Is there a block in because it just acts as if the car is not there.

If i recall, i was once in it and sultan RS was normal model, but i still couldn't get in it near the old mansion it's just avoiding it.

Do i need a dll of some sort? XLiveLess is not an option as i want to play with a friend.

If anyone can help, i'll be grateful. :) Thanks.

Killerfist 08-13-2012 07:34 AM

You don't need an asi loader or scripthook for vehicle mods, but simple native trainer might be usefull to spawn things in multiplayer.

Car mods should work online, just make sure you don't install any car mods that change structural things about the car. For instance I once installed a truck that had a longer loading space in which you could stand. When spawning that truck in multiplayer and getting in the loading space I got the SMPA-60 error. It has something to do with conflicting files (you're standing somewhere you're technically not suppose to stand according to other people's games).

What do you mean by the car not being there? Not at the location it usually spawns? Make sure you set your map to the entire liberty city when setting up your server.

Like I said, might be useful to use simple native trainer , so that you can just spawn the vehicle you replaced. I recently uploaded all the required files on mediafire for someone so I'll just give you that too (I have the same patch as you).

It has dsound.dll as asiloader so you'll still have the games for windows live interface, and you'll still be able to play online. With this trainer you can use F3 ingame to open it up, and use numpad to browse through it. It's really handy for getting all weapons, spawning vehicles etc.

For your information, you will be placed on different servers then people who don't have mods. To prevent people from cheating in regular servers. Doesn't matter how many mods or what kind you got, 1 is enough to place you on those.

Pulseeey 08-14-2012 02:30 PM

Thanks, no they load up the vehicle, no errors.. like, i see people driving them etc.. as i replaced it for police and sultan to test it.. but it's as if the car is not able to be entered.. so he just runs into the door all the time, might be the model not sure, i'll try another model.. :) also, i tried your files, they work great.. thanks :)

i am trying another model now

openwound32 08-22-2012 06:21 PM

can either of you guys help me with my modding.....plzzzzz/???????

can eithier of u guys help me wit my modding .........plzzzzzz?????????????

can either of u guys help me withmy modding plzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????:facepalm:

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