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The Gunner 08-06-2012 03:51 PM

Which mods best?

I'm new to GTA IV, so I have a few questions. I hope that somebody can help me. Please excuse my bad english, I'm german. ;)

1. There are 2 add ons I think, but how are the exactly installing steps? GTA IV --> Patch --> Add ons --> Mods? If I want first play the GTA IV main game (and finally the add ons) is it already possible to install the add ons?

By the way, I only have to install the newest patch, right?

2. Is Icenhancer 2.1 or ENB graphic mod better? Icenhancer is configurable, I think, what are the best settings, so that it looks most naturally? I've read that the sunset and night is bad with Icenhancer.

Works Icenhancer also with the newest Patch?

3. Which one is the best blood mod? And is there a mod which brings the original names for cars, municipalities etc. (so that everything has original names)?

4. Are there any other good mods for graphic or other things or is there a mod pack where all good mods are inside? car mods seems to be very important, but there are soo many more mods.

Killerfist 08-06-2012 05:13 PM

What addons are you talking about? Tbogt and Tlad? They are installed in a seperate folder so you can choose to play those or the main game.

as for the best blood mod:

Icenhancer is certainly recommendable, don't have any experience with 2.0 but I use 1.25 that has a beta version for the latest patch. Which works great, haven't seen a better graphics mod

Now for installing mods I'm just going to quote myself again


Originally Posted by Killerfist666 (Post 2250094)
Weapons, vehicles and player items are all installed in the same way:

- Update you game to either or (the latest patch)

- Backup your entire game! (mods mostely replace files instead of adding files so this is absolutely nessecary)

- Download SparkIV (or OpenIV but SparkIV is better for beginners)
- Start it up and hit 'Browse' (It'll now browse to your gta folder)

Now just go to and select something you want (weapon, vehicle and/or player items like clothes)

- In SparkIV navigate to pc/models/cdimages and you'll see a few images, these:

Componentpeds.img (for pedestrian files)
pedprops.img (for pedestrian accessoires, mostely caps and also 1 file for the players caps/helmets etc)
playerped.rpf (for player clothes)
radar.img (not sure, but mostely unimportant for basic mods)
vehicles.img (for all your vehicle mods)
weapons.img (for all your weapon mods)

Now lets say you want to download a weapon, you'll get a .wtd and .wdr file which need to be imported in the weapons.img. To do this just double click weapons.img and hit the big 'import' button now select the the files (the .wdr and .wft). If you've done it correctly you shouldn't get an error and the weapon you replaced is highlighted (in blue)

If you're done with importing (you can import several weapons at once) hit save. After saving you can exit SparkIV and the mod is installed.

You can follow this process for vehicles and player clothing too just open up the corresponding image (and carefully read the readme provided, this will give the same instructions and often some additional instructions for other files you need to replace).

P.s. Launch your game through 'LaunchGtaIV' once you've installed mods

For scriptmods you'll need an asiloader and scripthook.dll, the easiest scriptmod to start with is simple native trainer since it also gives clear instructions on where to get these files and where to place them:

Copied from the readme:

You will need EITHER Alexander Blade's ASI loader (dsound.dll), or Listener's xliveless (xlive.dll) or Yaasil (dsound.dll) in order to run this. The ASI loader also needs to be copied into the GTAIV main directory. Be aware that you need to copy the ASI loader also to EFLC if you happen to have that version.

Asi Loader:

So to be clear, you also need scripthook along with one of these 3 files (which can be found inside the simple native trainer pack for which I posted the link). So xliveless isn't the only option out there, it actually disables games for windows live and changes the savegame location so I personally prefer dsound.dll. You can't play multiplayer anymore with xliveless

The Gunner 08-07-2012 01:55 AM

Thank you Killerfist.

Yes I mean Tbogt and Tlad, but now it's clear.

What's the difference between patch and

Is not the newest Icenhancer 2.1 the best one, meaning better denn 1.25?


as for the best blood mod:
Is this blood mod not too bloody? It seems a bit unrealistic.

Is there also a mod for better KI and real names for real life counterparts? And is there a mod package with all good mods inside it?

Killerfist 08-07-2012 04:48 AM

Better KI? No there isn't a package of 'good' mods .

I found this when googling for real car names, never used it so I can't tell you if it works or not:

The link still works

The blood mod from the link I gave you is pretty bloody yes. But it's not that unrealstic. The excessive blood you see on the screenshots is only when you keep shooting a corpse. If you just shoot someone once it'll be a pool of blood and a blood stain on the spot where you shot him.

As for the difference between patches, a few minor things were changed:


fixed a bug causing tree leaves to look transparent
fixed a bug that prevented uploading of rendered videos to Social Club when attaching certain music tracks
fixed for clip capture "OFF" slowdowns occurring when near water's edge
exposed "detonate" in custom key mapping options menu for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned so users can remap "down" arrow key
Most mods are compatible for both patches however , but most of them have been optimised for Like Icehancer for example. I use myself and never experienced any problems with mods made for

I don't know about the newest icenhancer, never tried it . I'd say try a few different ones out to see which one you like best. Just make sure you have a backup that you can place back every time you want to uninstall one.

The Gunner 08-07-2012 06:01 AM

I mean a mod for better artificial intelligence. ;) Artificial Intelligence means KI in german.

Is there also a mod which replaces the existing cars with the same cars but which better textures? Ich mean not new cars, only better textures for the already existing cars.

I've read that with the Icenhancer mod looks better.

I have seen that there are several editions of the icenhancer. Which one is best? I'm looking for one where the daylight is not so flashy and there should be good sunset and sunrise light (orange like in unmodified GTA).

Killerfist 08-07-2012 09:40 AM

I can only speak for my own personal experience, and I'm a big fan of icehancer 1.25:

Still the second most downloaded graphics mod, if you'd like to see some screens I've got plenty:

The only bug is the red-sky bug you'll find with most graphics mod, it's when you look in certain angles the sky turns red. I'm not really bothered by it since the beauty of the mod makes up for that bug

As for AI, there are some scripts around like Arrest warrant:

I use it myself, it makes the cop react to you more. If you drive above the speedlimit, drive the wrong way, hit other cars etc they will pull you over.

You also stay wanted a while after you've lost the police (if they've identified you or your car)

The Gunner 08-08-2012 01:59 AM

Thanks. Does Icenhancer 1.25 also have such a ugly sunset and sunrise? I'm searching for one with a beatiful sunrise and sunset (and not too bright at daylight), but I didnt find any.


I use it myself, it makes the cop react to you more. If you drive above the speedlimit, drive the wrong way, hit other cars etc they will pull you over.

You also stay wanted a while after you've lost the police (if they've identified you or your car)
But with this you can't drive like you drive in GTA, you have to be aware of speed etc., so you have to drive very carefully.

Killerfist 08-08-2012 03:25 AM

I've only used Icenhancer 1.25 and don't think it has any ugly features (except for the red-sky bug) but I'd suggest browsing through the site to look at the various ENB's and just check the pictures to see if it's what you want. Some people say icenhancer 1.25 is to bright so I'm no sure if you'd like it

if you sort on most downloaded most of the popular enb's will show up at the first page

The Gunner 08-08-2012 03:57 AM

There's a fix for the red sky bug.

Is not the newest version always the best? Icenhancer 2.1 should have lot of improvments. There is also a configuration tool, do you knwo if I can also adjust the sunset color and the daylight brightness?

By the way, what's a timecycle mod?

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