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enrikmolina762 08-05-2012 02:11 AM

gta 4 icenhancer 2.1 crash
CORRECTION: iCEnhancer v2.1 crashes when i start up TBoGT... it plays through the bank cut scene before loading the "I Luv LC..." the crashes :( please help me... im new to this whole modding deal..

Sorry if this is a repeat to an answer for this but i need help and this is driving me crazy!!

I downgraded to said version in the title and change the font.dat files to what was said to be changed to on mods site.... i have installed the mod and copy & replaced the files that were needed to be replaced.

When i click start after the copyright images run its course it crashes when the game loads because i hear the beeping sound that the cell phone makes in games. I have no idea what else to do! please help!

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