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maxwell1080 07-23-2012 01:48 PM

It was all so fast
It was all so fast,the shooting,the shouting and my sudden death,it was all to much. :facepalm:

Hello GTAIV fans:cool:

History::confused:I,ve had GTAIV on PS3 for some time now,It just recealy that I've been playing it on my PC(GTAIV from Steam).With that said, I started a new game with a lot of the reality mods(BleedHeal, CrashInjury,Vehicular Injury).My question is, I was hoping someone that works on mods, can make a personal frist aid kit, that you can carry with you,possibly in one of the Weapon slots.all so limit the # of medkits(three or four at time,and make it so,that you have to buy the medkits.Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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