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kitoxx 03-09-2012 08:15 AM

CGE ENB + ELS......any thoughts?
Hello GTA gaming community,

my first post here so we'll see how it goes,


i am currently running CGE (ChinaGreenElvis)'s ENB with a host of other mods (script, asi, texture, map, cars).

all work fine together except for a few keys being double binded (performing two functions at once) and a few arrest issues (when cops arrest me). no biggie really and all ran fine for a few weeks with not one crash.

then i stumbled on what looked like a cool mod to make the cop lights more realistic ELS (Version6 or something)
was the name .....and CRASH was the game. (only when messing around with cop cars, shooting them, stealing them, messing around with ELS light modes)

the only conflicting file replacement is what i suspect to be the issue but im not sure. visualsettings.DAT

i have tried not using the file provided with the ELS mod but instead using the one with CGE's ENB. (i now realise this was a stupid idea):facepalm:

any suggestions are welcome......even if it's to ditch ELS altogether. is anyone currently using ELS v6 and a ENB series Mod?

SORRY FOR ALL THE BRACKETS!!!:facepalm::facepalm:

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