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Deano019s 02-01-2012 07:17 PM

Majestic Mod
Hi All,
After days of searching, I have somewhat found what I want to mod into my game.

The Problem is, that when I try click download, I get a blank page and no download :(

I've tried looking elsewhere for a download, and cannot find any? Does anyone else have this script for the latest version of GTA?
I've tried this: to no avail.

Please if anyone is able to assist!


Killerfist 02-03-2012 03:43 PM

FIle is indeed down, I'm guessing the script caused to many errors. It's a safehouse in the majestic hotel or something? as far as I could see.

If you use simple native trainer u can teleport to the top of the majestic hotel, and also spawn objects anywhere you'd like (therefor creating your own safehouse) you can also safe on an custom location with that trainer so you'd have all the functions exept the fact that it isn't actually a safehouse

This is the only work-around that I can think off to be able to reach the suite in the majestic hotel (outside of that mission)


You should btw post on the mods section if you have questions regarding mods or modding.

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