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majestic81 01-29-2012 05:33 PM

The Lost MC (PC coop gang)
hey we are the Lost mototcycle club, we do coop missions, and where looking for members,here is a video about us :

**What is this exactly?
We are a group of players that meet at random in GTA IV PC Free Roam and do biker missions and other related MC activities.

The leader of the MC is able to set up intricate missions and other activities within the free roam game. The missions are challenging and not for the faint of heart. Many brothers have had their blood spilled at the hands of pigs and AoD scum :o.

Time's vary. Nothing here is scheduled. Find us, bring your hog, and you're ready to go.
Add me to GFWL if you're interested :majestic81x

**Are there rules?
No modded cars or bikes. No killing fellow brothers. No spawning objects.
Always ride in formation behind the ride captain (MC leader).
NO God Mode.

you must have GTA:EFLC to play .

josh stamper 07-11-2012 05:23 AM

you guys are here to oh well im not posting a gang anyway....

DonnyStuivenber 09-18-2012 08:45 AM

Can I join?
Can I join? My Windows Live Gamers Tag is the same as my forum name

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