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SinVaruna 01-10-2012 07:07 AM

Need Help Getting ICEnhancer Running Properly
So I recently bought GTAIV through steam since it was 5 bucks (eventhough I allready had it for 360, I wanted the ICEnhancer with other mods to make the game look great). I'm using version 1.0.4 with ICEnhancer being the only mod. I can get the game with ICEnhancer to run but it is unplayable no matter what visual settings I use. The map appears and disappears as well as everything in the pause menu. Also the screen flickers constantly and I get very low FPS.
I have tried multiple walkthroughs online and ended with the same senario. I have also updated drivers and .net framework ect. I just recently played through Skyrim on ultra setting with an ENB mod with no problems at all.
PC: 3.9ghz i7 - radeon hd 6950 (2gb) - 16gb ddr

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