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hsthompson 11-24-2011 07:42 PM

PC questions.
I've never played PC games before always on console. I didn't like PC games because I had to sit in an uncomfortable chair in front of a measly 27" screen using a keyboard. Now I know its different. I just saw some videos on YouTube of real life cars I like on GTA4. I was amazed.
I have a desktop computer but know its useless because I can't hook it up to my bigger LED tv. I also now know I can use a Xbox type controller on a PC but this as much as I know about this.
Am I able to install a hdmi out on my desktop thats 3 years old or should I buy a new one? If new what are the qualifications that it needs to run GTA4 w/o breaking the bank? What controller do you recommend and how hard is it to add the cars into the game? Is it simple? All input appreciated, thanks!

AngryAmoeba 11-27-2011 02:31 PM

If your video card has DVI output instead of HDMI, you could just get a DVI-to-HDMI converter.

DVI plugs look like this:

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