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Ash_735 11-18-2011 02:36 AM

PC Gamers Wish
This thread is for PC Gamers, if you had a choice, which one of these things would yopu want the most?

- Grand Theft Auto III & Vice City Xbox Graphical Improvements patched into PC Version
- Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories to get official an PC release
- Grand Theft Auto V to be released on PC at the same time as the Console release
- Official Mod Tools for Grand Theft Auto IV or future titles
- Better Optimization and Support for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V compared to IV
- Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City to get a MAC release
This thread is a part of the GTAGaming Poll Event.

gtaperson 11-18-2011 09:48 AM

LCS + VCS PC release, so I can finally play them!

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