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iKlipse 07-25-2011 12:06 AM

Possible announcement during late summer (August).
Apparently, according to Official Xbox Magazine, Rockstar may be announcing GTA V sometime during August. There is a Gamescom Convention in Germany around the same time.

It would make sense if they did announce it next month, they announced GTA IV just over a year in advance to its release. It has been said that a 2012 release is more than likely. If they announce it next month, it will make an 8-9 month stretch till April (April 29th 2008, GTA IVs release).

Possible? Could be, but who knows...

TGF 07-29-2011 05:52 PM

The fuck? Does anybody look in these sections anymore? :P

Hell, I wouldn't doubt if they would announce. They've kept us waiting long enough. Since its being mentioned in OXM, I really wouldn't doubt it.

All this anticipation. Fuck, it'd be cool to finally get an official announcement from Rockstar. I've really changed my personal desires for the upcoming GTA. I hope they have come up with a whole new city. Instead of recycling the fucking old ones. Well, aside from Vice. I fucking love Vice. I just couldn't imagine Vice without that awesome 80s theme it had, tbh.

That is what SA was when it was released, to me, which made it so exciting. A WHOLE new map to explore, no not just its dumbass features, the exploration is what makes it cool, the getting the feel of the map. THAT was awesome. When IV came out, it was just.. oh... LC again, cool... :zero:

Xan 07-30-2011 03:12 AM

Rockstar should really work on making the next GTA title have more side missions and repeatable stuff. Don't focus on City only, adds more country or etc. Specifically some combat orientated shit

Ala shit that made Vice City / San Andreas fun. I played through GTAIV and all it's DLC Twice. Once solo, second time with Rappo's Bodyguard mod I believe.


I called Dwayne's backup option and stormed a abandoned construction site, we stormed up the stairs covering each other, taking cover and laying down suppressing fire. It was amazing.

Then one of my guys decided to flank around me, he took a stray bullet from a guy I missed. Direct Headshot, his body slumped on the stair railing and he feel down several feet.

I felt that more than any cutscene. It was fucking intense working in a squad, it was fun as hell, it made me feel sad for a few seconds.

Apart from that ForeverAlone.jpg feeling, the game is just dead. Realism makes it lifeless way, way faster than VC or SA ever did. Hell, fucking riding a NGR-800 through the entire map in SA was fun as hell. I knew the entire map by memory, I didn't need to open and set a checkpoint, I just drove.

Damnit, I even drove the bike around the map two times because it was fun.

Russ 07-30-2011 08:36 AM

It would be great if there were an announcement sometime this year. I really thought there would've been something by now.

As far as the next game's location, I'm pretty much up for anywhere really. It would be nice to get a new start. A huge map with all kinds of unfamiliar locations to explore. I know it's already been said and I agree, exploration is part of the fun. With III, VC and SA looking for the packages/special items was half the damn fun of the game. In IV, it was a pain in the ass killing all the pigeons and not really satisfying either.

Ultimately, there has to be a way to combine the fun and re-playable activities of the III trilogy with the realism of IV. I understand where they were going story-wise. It just would make more well rounded and immensely replayable game if there were additional options and activities which were actually enjoyable. IV's side stuff was pretty boring and actually was more of a nuisance to have to do. Bowling for me was terrible. The only time I messed around with it was the mission where you had to take Michelle there. That's it. Same went for darts and pool. Unless I had to try and unlock a friend's hook up for Niko I didn't bother. I think they could've been put to better use if they had been incorporated into the multiplayer somehow.

It stands to reason that if they are working on the next title the game should be amazing. The amount of time has provided plenty of room to create a brilliant world and a great storyline to go with it. I just hope to hear or see something soon.

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