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moonrail 07-13-2011 04:26 PM

[HowTo]Downgrade of the steamversion of GTAIV to
As the version of GTAIV is the most supported version by modders, however there is no simple solution to downgrade the steamversion properly, that is automatically on, here is a manual to get steamusers as well into the pleasure of using iCEnhancer for example with all its features.

Do all steps as I wrote here and you are good to go. The most mistakes come from users that did not read properly!

As usual when working on your gamedata make a backup of your GTAIV!

This is an updated and corrected version of an existing downgrade-manual posted here.

Downgrade-Manual for all steamusers with a version of GTAIV above

Attention: You have to start GTAIV at least one single time through steam and let it install. After one full start of GTAIV you can begin with this manual.

1. Start Steam, open your Library, right-click on "Grand Theft Auto IV" and click on Properties. Move to the tab "Updates" and change the given option to "Do not automatically update this game".
Close Steam.

2. Download the; for example from here: Click and install it. If an error occurs during the installation you can use this archive that contains the patch as well. Just merge the content of the archive with your GTAIV-Mainfolder and overwrite everything.

3. Download the "Rockstar Social Group Tool" (RGSG): Click, but DO NOT install it!

4. Change the name of your "GTAIV"-Folder (X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV) to something else than "GTAIV". This is important, because otherwise you will have to reinstall GTAIV and start all over again.

5. Now install the RGSG-Tool. It creates a new "GTAIV"-folder with the Tools components in "X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\". Should the installations be stopped by an error, download this archive: Click
The archive contains the installed RGSG-Tool.

6. Copy the content of this new created "GTAIV"folder (X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV) into your old "GTAIV"-folder, that you renamed before.

7. Erase the "GTAIV"-folder of the RGSG-Tool and rename your old "GTAIV"-folder with its gamecontent back to "GTAIV". The folder should still be in "X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\".

8. That's it. As long as you do not have rests of incompatible mods (Xliveless- and ScriptHook-user go on reading after this), GTAIV should now rund perfectly in version It is always the best method to start without mods and then reenabling one for one, until everything is fine.

When using Xliveless (Asi-Loader) the menu-texts disappear:
To fix this follow this steps:

1. Download this "": Click

2. Open the folder "X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV\common\data" and copy the files "fonts.dat" and "fonts_r.dat" as a backup to any other folder.

3. Copy both files that are contained in the "" to the folder "X:\(...)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV\common\data" and overwrite the existing ones.

4. That's it.

Note: "fonts.dat" is obviously for the western alphabet, while "fonts_r.dat" may is the equivalent file for cyrillic symbols (if you are playing in russian for example).

For all users of ScriptHook:
The newest ScriptHook.dll-version may not work properly with and lead to crashes, so do as following:

1. Download this ScriptHook.dll-version: Click

2. Download the recent version of .Net Script Hook (I have tested with 1.7 Beta and it worked): Click

3. Copy the "ScriptHookDotNet.asi" and the folder "scripts" from the .zip-file of the .Net Script Hook into your GTAIV main directory. You do not need the also contained "ScriptHook.dll" as it does not work properly with

4. Now copy the other "ScriptHook.dll" from the "" into your GTAIV main directory. This one should work perfectly.

5. Finished. Now your mods and *.asi-files should work as usual if they require ScriptHook.

If GTAIV crashes with ICEnhancer:

Simply turn off programs that conflict with the "d3d9.dll" of iCEnhancer, like MSI Afterburner, Rivatuner and so on. That should do it.

DiverDown 07-15-2011 03:40 PM

I made an account just to vouch for this method. I haven't installed IcEnhancer yet, but my version of GTAIV is running fully with patch!

My only recommendation is to make sure you go back into Steam after and RECHANGE the preference to "Do not automatically update this game." otherwise it seems like it changes it back.

After hours of frustrating failure this is such an unbelievable relief! Thank you so much man!

:D 10/10 :D

moonrail 07-16-2011 02:33 AM

Glad that I could help you. ;)

Well, I recommend to start GTAIV without steam, just with the LaunchGTAIV.exe, but I did not see steam until now changing the Update-configuration automatically back, this has to be a bug.

Thanh007 07-17-2011 03:21 AM

my problem is, everytime i want to downgrade from 1.0.7 to 1.0.4 there is a failure.
First, it says, cannot find social club. After installing the full version of social club, there is a next failure. You re installation was not correct. GTA 4 was not found.

I already installed gta4 with steam several times ( i am using my backup on Harddisk).

Any ideas?

moonrail 07-17-2011 04:30 AM

There seems to be a general problem with your installation(s), maybe already with steam itself, because steam sets your paths and installs for you. If there is an error it is most likely steams fault.

A possible try would be this:

Make Backups of your games and reinstall steam fully. Then download only GTAIV new and do the downgrade.
If this works then (as it should), you can of course try to downgrade your old GTAIV-Backup as well, as you already have a downgraded GTAIV (backup this new one locally).

If this second downgrade works now, on your old GTAIV-installation, you can be sure that steam had a problem.

English is not my native language, so be patient with me. ;)

Thanh007 07-17-2011 02:32 PM

it worked. I just had to reinstall and download gta4 again...

my problem now is, that sometimes the game crashes because of out of memory videocard...

I am using GTX580 SLI and a Intel 2.93 GHZ overclocked to 3.5 Ghz. 8 GB RAM

Everything is green in my options.

moonrail 07-17-2011 02:56 PM

Try this: Click

Otherwise ask in another thread and/or forum with more people seeing your problem.

EETFUK 07-18-2011 10:03 PM

Mine is also reverting back to auto update..weird..

mazhiwei85st 07-20-2011 04:13 AM

Glad that I could help you. Well, I recommend to start GTAIV without steam, just with the LaunchGTAIV.exe, but I did not see steam until now changing the Update-configuration automatically back, this has to be a bug.

katarsius 07-23-2011 08:58 AM

I'm having problems with my Steamed GTA IV version, I downgraded it to patch with this tutorial, started Launch GTAIV program it loads and everything, after I press START game starts loading, after 30 secs or so it says Failed to Load. Starting New Game and then screen goes black and I get notification from Windows that GTA IV stopped working. Any suggestions? (I dowgraded to use iCEnhancer 1.2.5)

King Mustard 07-25-2011 10:33 AM

Why is the version modders use? From what I am aware, I can only play online using

Funkosapien 07-31-2011 06:53 AM

I was able to load up SparkIV using the exe file from that archive you linked and copied back my exe when I was done modding files.

DreadWizardDM 07-31-2011 11:18 AM

1. Can you play GTA 4 "modded" if you get the steam version?
2. I cannot find the game in stores anymore, only on steam and it uses the "complete" version, which includes TLOD and BOGT. Im not sure if this is an issue for playing a modded game or not.

I played the game on the PS3 but the PC version looks way better, especially with the available mods.

Thanks for any help or feedback.

Spyker 08-23-2011 09:07 PM

I did all you said. it worked well until i did the scripthook, now i am stuck in the loading screen. any suggestions? i have not done any mods yet.

oh it just took forever to load

now ice is installed and game loaded better but now i have no textures

Ghastous 09-27-2011 07:38 PM

well ive done all the steps that it says and when i run the game nowt as changed and looks exactly the same as before so i dunno where im going wrong but looks like it dont work for me. Tried it like 10 times still wont work still looks dull and boring so im giving up on the mod that wont work

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