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Sasha 03-15-2011 08:52 AM

Motherfucking Minecraft Server
Ohai guiz

As some of you may know, I started a new Minecraft server. I won't be posting the details as it doesn't take much to view this thread, only the good trusted ones will be given the details.

I have been informed that some of you have been experiencing lag and I've been trying to pin point the problem.

So far I haven't come up with much, according to Havok there have been five people on the server at once and all have been around the same region without complaints. Given that Bear is in Canada and most of the people playing are in Ireland/UK, most not having any issues leads me to believe there it isn't some kind of latency/distance problem.

I'm quite positive nothing seems to be wrong with the server itself, there is literally nothing else going on besides system files running. There is an average of about 5-6 processes running under the user, and the server processes barely hits over the 5% CPU usage mark and using 25.7% of 1024MB. The only cause I can see fit is either a client problem, or my father is heavily torrenting. And by heavy I mean heavy, I've seeded/downloaded files at the same time as Bear and Havok have been playing and there doesn't seem to be any issue.

If anyone having issues could please post here and I can back track to the time and date that you had these issues to help pin point the problem if it's on my side.

Patrucci 03-15-2011 08:59 AM

Dude, yesterday when it was just you and I on didn't you say it was using like, 500mb? I'm thinking of hosting my server again, and putting more effort into it.

Sasha 03-15-2011 10:33 AM

Yea something like 400MB.

No idea why it uses so much Memory, doesn't seem to be causing any problems though. I did a bit of reading on it, as long as it doesn't run out of allocated Memory it won't cause any problems. That and when players join the RAM usage bumps up, but once they leave it doesn't go down. And the longer it stays up it slowly builds up, apparently a restart a day is necessary if you hit the maximum allocated Memory. Let's not forget this is a Beta so shit like that is expected.

How much memory did you used to have allocated and what was the most you ever saw it get up to?

Legham 03-15-2011 11:55 AM

That means theres a memory leak in there somewhere. Someone with that much skill should surely know how to clean up after himself :P

Xan 03-15-2011 12:41 PM


Skill is don't write shit in Java. Seriously

Algonquin 03-15-2011 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by Patrucci (Post 2175106)
Dude, yesterday when it was just you and I on didn't you say it was using like, 500mb? I'm thinking of hosting my server again, and putting more effort into it.

I've had less issues on this server then towards the end of your last server.

In fact I've not really experienced any issues.
Not only that but as sasha said we've had people from around the globe on without issues.

The issues some are reporting are being looked into.

Patrucci 03-15-2011 03:16 PM

Edit: lol, naa just use sasha server, more convienent and he knows more about this computing shit than I do. I'll set one up for some of my goofball friends to play around on.

Phil 03-15-2011 03:57 PM

this minecraft u say, is it fun multiplayorz?

cyrix 03-15-2011 03:58 PM

So are you guys going to have a sissy slap fight on the internet again about this? Because if so I'm staying the fuck away from this server and stick to playing solo.

Patrucci 03-15-2011 04:12 PM

Naa, I'm just setting up a server for some friends irl. Use Sasha's, it's a new world though. imo, Sasha should use the old world on this server.

Havok_Jro 03-15-2011 04:27 PM

Why ? Most of us lost stuff because of A) Your asshole friends B) Security issues C) Fires D) Someone smashing peoples houses up.

We're better off fresh, and almost all of us have new places.

Algonquin 03-15-2011 04:28 PM

We were thinking about it but towards the end of the maps life we started getting really bad issues because it was spreading too wide. Plus the error's we'd always get left and right with the chunks being randomly replaced XD

Cyrix, We never get into sissy fights. *pout*

Edit: JOSH! be sweet ffs.

Grimmy 03-15-2011 04:34 PM




Algonquin 03-16-2011 07:03 AM


Originally Posted by Grimmy (Post 2175191)



Nothing personal.

I just completely forgot about you.

Grimmy 03-16-2011 08:54 AM


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