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Krimzon 03-10-2011 01:44 PM

A fully working airport?
A good feature for the new Grand Theft Auto to have, is if you knew Vice City and all those, how you had 3 islands like Staunton/Portland etc, you can have an actually functioning airport. Like Francis International, there is taxis and all that, but there is an actively boardable 747 jet that you can fly to different countries such as like Germany, Italy, Australia, Russia and other main places of interest, the use for this would be you could have for Australia, Australian landmarks (or parodys of) Australian cars, peds with our accents (:D) and more.

Dymez 04-11-2011 07:00 AM

Why was this guy banned? Anyway, I like the topic so I'll make a comment on it anyway. It would be nice to have fully functional Airports again (like San Andreas). Hopefully, we will. I don't know about traveling all the way to Europe or Australia but it would be nice to say, board a jet from Los Santos to San Fierro again. Or (if they're willing to make the map bigger than ever) from Los Santos to Vice City and vice versa.

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