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Dr.Shock 02-21-2011 08:18 PM

Suggestion list for Gta 4 Car mods only
(This is A Car Suggestions/Wish List For Gta 4 Modelers/Converters)
(Open To All So Please Feel Free To Add To The List)
(also note some of these cars may have been made before if so just skip them or remake them if you can do them better)

(Below are some Cars in Forza 3 begging to be coverted)

1971 AMC Javelin AMX
1971 De Tomaso Pantera
1964 Ferrari 250 GTO
1985 Ford RS200 Evolution
1989 Lotus Carlton
1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo (I think one was made before for gta 4 but not as high quality as this model)

(The cars listed below would have to be Scratch Made or Converted from some other HQ car sim or racing game like Forza 3)

1968 AMC Javelin AMX 401
1986 AMG Mercedes Benz 500SEC "AMG Hammer"
1986 Audi 4000CS Quattro
1987 Audi 5000S Quattro
1989 Audi 90 Quattro
1989 Bentley Turbo R
1980 E28 BMW M535i
1988 E30 BMW 325i/is/ix /// 330i/is/ix
1969 Baldwin Motion Chevy Corvette GT
1970 Baldwin Motion Chevy Camaro 454
1970 Chevy Nova SS
1968 Chrysler New Yorker 440
1987 Crysler Conquest TSI / Mitsubishi Starion
1971 Datsun 240Z
1980 Datsun 280ZX
1971 Dodge Demon 340
1986 Dodge Omni GLHS / Carol shelby Edition
1987 Dodge Lancer ES / Carol Shelby Edition
1990 Dodge Spirt R/T / Carol Shelby Edition
1990 Dodge Daytona R/T / Carol Shelby Edition
1985 Ferrari 308 GTB
1986 Ferrari 328 GTSi
1993 Ferrari 348 GTS
1984 Ford Mustang SVO
1987 Ford Taurus SHO
1992-1995 Ford Taurus SHO
1992 Ford Falcon GT
1995 Ford Cosworth Mondeo
1990 Honda Prelude Si 4WS
1989 Jaguar Soverign
1988 Jaguar XJR-S
1994 Jaguar XJR-S
2008 Jaguar X-Type
1985 Koenig Porsche 928
1970 Lamborghini Muria Jota SVR
1985 Lamborghini Jalpa
1986 Lincoln Towncar limited Edition
1962 Lotus Elan
1965 Lotus Europa
1979 Lotus Esprit S2
1980 Lotus Esprit Turbo (Like the one from 007)
1973 Mazda Savanna RX3
1982 Mazda Savanna RX7
1984 Mercury / McLaren Capri RS
1989 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 AMG Version
1983 Nissan DR30 Skyline RS-X Turbo
1987 Nissan R31 Skyline GTS-R
1986 Nissan 300zx Turbo T-Top
1987 Nissan Fairlady Z 35th Aniversery Edition
1991 Nissan Sentra SER
1969 Hurst Olds 442
1983 Hurst Olds 442
1987 Hurst Olds Darth Vader Edition
1968 Plymouth "426 Hemi" Road Runner
1969 Plymouth GTX "440 Six-Pack"
1986 Porsche 944 Turbo
1987 Porsche 944 "Shooting Brake"
1987 Porsche 930 Turbo "Slantnose"
1985 Renault R5 Turbo 2
1986 Rolls Royce Cornisch
1986 RUF Porsche 911 CTR "Yellow Bird"
1986 Saab 9000 Turbo
1987 Saab 900 Turbo
1988 Saleen Ford Mustang Cobra R ? (Don't remember the exact model version but i think it was the Cobra R)
1995 Saleen Ford Explorer
2005 Saturn Vue REDLINE
2005 Saturn Ion REDLINE
1989 Subaru XT Turbo / Subaru Alcyone
1991 Subaru SVX
1988 Toyota Supra Turbo MK3
1987 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
1987 Toyota Corolla GTS
1989 Toyota Corolla SR5
1989-1993 Vector W8 Twin Turbo
1987 Volkswagon Jetta Wolfsburg Edition
1987 Volvo 740 GLS-Turbo
2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept
1986 Zender Mercedes Benz 190E
1980's Caddilac Fleetwood Hearse (there is one for San Andreas that was high quality enough to make a nice convertion)
1991-1992 GMC Syclone
1992-1993 GMC Typhoon
1995 Ford Contour SVT
1986 Lamborghini LM002
2003–2004 Mercury Marauder
1968 -1970 Mercury Cougar (Preferable the 1970 Eliminator)
2011 - Trans Am Depot 7T7 Trans Am
2011 - Trans Am Depot 6T9 Gto Goat

spottycameron 03-01-2011 01:11 AM

Could Some one please make a 1974 or 1977 dodge Monaco 'Hazzard County' Police car!!
And last but not least.. The General lee with the wheels, Nudge bar, right interior, roll cage, etc?!?!?!?!

Krimzon 03-10-2011 01:50 PM

I noticed you don't have the 599 GTO from TDU2? People have been begging Smokey8808 to convert them.

DAbeats1112 03-11-2011 06:17 PM



A 1995 Ford Festiva GLi

Dr.Shock 03-25-2011 07:41 PM


The 87 trans am has been made excellent quality so I removed it from the list :)
Pontiac Trans AM 1987 1.0 для GTA IV by METALman
It's Exclusive for until 06.04.2011 here below is the link

orzix 03-30-2011 09:48 AM

The new Ford F150 Raptor would be awesome.

Dr.Shock 04-03-2011 01:49 PM


The 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II has been made
excellent quality so I removed it from the list :)
1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II by Bullet1395 link below

Dr.Shock 04-20-2011 11:51 PM

I was asked by a friend to add a suggestion of a 55 chevy hot rod and or any other hot rod style cars like a T bucket hot rod or rat rods pretty much any hot rods I am just posting it here instead of adding to the list above because he was not clear on what hot rod he wanted to suggest

Pale2hall 04-22-2011 12:43 PM

I definitely 2nd making a BMW E30

Dr.Shock 04-27-2011 12:19 AM

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Brabus Bullit has been made it was released
I think a week or two ago but I just got to checking it out and it is HQ so I have removed it from the list:)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Brabus Bullit made by Bean_19

$aki 04-27-2011 03:03 AM

Hi can anyone make a "VW GOLF MK1" like in need for speed shift for gta iv please will be much appreciated and forever in your debt (G)

TwinTurbine 04-27-2011 04:02 AM

Its my first time for giving any suggestion bout this, but i think we are lack of Bentley sedan, can anybody please make a 2010 Bentley Continental Flying Spur? Somebody might gave this suggestion before, but i really hope somebody would do it, i will do it myself if i know how but unfortunately i dont, much appreciate.

Dr.Shock 05-04-2011 07:32 PM

Thank you too every one for the suggestions so far if we all post suggestions here maybe just maybe it will become a resource for car modelers and converters to refer to for ideas .Also hopefully this cuts down on request spamming in the uploaders comment box.Thanks again and please continue to make suggestions here

Dr.Shock 05-09-2011 01:20 AM


The 1990 Rx-7 has been made so I have removed it from the list :)
Original author: Forza Motorsport 3
Converted by: Monster875
Handling line by: Outsid3r4
Vehicles and Carcols lines by: Monster875
Sills by: Alex189 (edited by Monster875)
Engine from: Shift 2 Unleashed
Help and advice by: Alex189, Outsid3r4, Kala, NM69, Chipicao and Spidereon link below

redpga 05-09-2011 03:34 PM

Can you please make the new Lamborghini Aventador? This is the rendered SV version from Topgear. Thanks a lot!!!

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