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MIKE1992 01-14-2011 01:10 AM

Take 2 Attending E3 2011
Yesterday At The Official E3 Website Stated That Take 2 Confirmed That They Will Attend This Years E3. Last Year Take 2 Did Not Attend Because They Were Busy With there Projects. We now That La Noire We Be Released This Spring.Which Means They Will Not Concentrate On It This E3. We may Hear More Information This Year On max Payne 3 Agent .. Trailers. And They Might Announce Bully 2 or Gta v. Teaser trailer or anything else They Might Even Announce A New Title.
And Maybe 2k games will be There And rockstar Wont.
What do you Think ?

eltankejorge 01-14-2011 09:25 PM


victim 01-19-2011 07:05 PM

It's definitely a possibility that the next Grand Theft Auto will be announced slated for a 2012 release, but I just don't see it happening. Although, GTA IV was announced at E3 in 2006, Rockstar North are currently working on Agent, and while there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the next GTA is currently in development, there is no way Rockstar PR would juggle two games being made by one of their developers. Expect this E3 to be chock full of information on Max Payne 3 and Agent and maybe L.A. Noire if it doesn't stick to it's release schedule, which almost seems definite knowing Rockstar, if they do in fact attend.

Krimzon 03-10-2011 01:45 PM

Thats awesome, hopefully when E3 is on, we can get some insight on the placement of GTA 5.

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