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Bigbeats23 10-12-2010 04:25 AM

GTA Galaxy?
While playing Mario Galaxy 2, I started thinking about how cool it was running around on the different planets, even though they're very simple and super small. It really had me wondering when R* will be able to create a seamless planet? I guess what I'm really wondering is, how large a globe would have to be to look flat from the player's perspective? Is this a realistic option for this console generation? Probably not, but I'm curious when technology will allow this, and what the main hurdles would be?

I would think one big issue in terms of playability would be making sure the game world isn't impossibly big, but definitely multiple times larger than anything every made, because it would still need to feel like you're on relatively flat ground. If somebody much smarter than me has any idea what the minimum size this hypothetical planet would have to be, I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm sure there are a few levels of math I didn't take that would assist me right now.

If R* built the game world as a planet, they would have endless possibilities for the environment, and story. The moon in the sky would actually be reachable if you break into R*'s version of NASA and steal and rocket.

I just see this as a logical step in the future of open "world" games. Any thoughts?

MIKE1992 10-12-2010 06:01 AM

Hi Bigbeats23
All people have the same idea . and it is a nice thing to play as the world but it will be great if R* does it . but still it is so hard in this point of time :
1-they cant fit it in Xbox 360
2-it is so hard to fix the weather from place to place the cars the police type and all .
3-later if they released the game . they will not make another gta becouse this has evrything .
4-the game would take 7-9 years to complete . people cant even wait 2 years or three (you understand)
songs different from one place to another
the amount of cool weapons
the war going on
they will have to put every importent place in the worls capital .
lots more
but if u will realy want to be happy i heard people saying that agent the game will take players around the globe .
so imagine and every thin is possible for rockstar .
but think if i could be like red dead redemption and 3.5 times larger with much deatails that would be cool . or
gta v london + ireland with much details would be nice .

matt__jon 10-12-2010 06:28 AM

It is a cool idea, one that many of us have thought of, but it would be very difficult to do, as stated above. Rockstar puts so much effort into its games, so much research on the areas it uses, that it would take forever to make such a game that would still have as interesting a world as 4.

I suppose the main reason to having an entire circular planet would be that you could drive/fly one direction and eventually end up in the same place again (the reason I thought of it). In such a case, they could "loop" the map, its a cheap move, maybe, but if you fly due east and leave the island, after a few minutes maybe you would see the west side of the island on the horizon.

Anyway, to make an entire planet, or several planets (whats the point of having just one?) would take so long, technology would outpace the game and the graphics would risk being far behind and not look good enough for many people to buy. Not to mention having to make a sequel to that kind of environment.

The only way it could work is for a HUGE hard drive/server, and a map editor, but then you'd probably have a bunch of crappy cities made by people (though some would be cool). Still, I'd like to see a map editor and building editor (change shapes and textures). And due to copyright laws, none of these new cities would likely have their own radio stations, unless it was also user submitted songs (by garage bands), which I'm sure most would sound horrible (sorry bands!)

MIKE1992 10-12-2010 07:29 AM

I agree with u matt Jon but only future will tell and rockstar might not do gta galaxy but I know the next gta will be amazing and full of surprises because I see that they have the most creative mind in vedio game production and rockstar will not let us down I am sure of it . But because agent the game is in one platform I think it would be easy to produce gta 5 for them not to tell that rocksar north wad working with agent as well as gta 4 and the episodical content with agent so I dout that gta v is underdevelopment and would be great game but it's just a matter of time and we must respect rockstar when they said that they don't want to depend on gta for money because one day will come and rockstar may lose ideas for the coming gta s and not depending on gta will help the company to assure better future and us gamers to experience better games and I see what's rockstar are doing now is the right choice for them and us . I really admire rockstar games and all Of the projects they come up with .

matt__jon 10-12-2010 03:06 PM

They're definately working on the sequel, they're just taking their time. As far as I know, next gen consoles haven't been announced or hinted at, so they have time. Even so, how much further do graphics really have to go? I'm pretty sure they will bring back lots of aspects of last gen's games that everyone missed in 4, and they're going to do it better than before, so take your time, Rockstar!

Anywho, this "city editor" would work sort of like Sim City. Players could model buildings, share them online, and even do entire cities. This way, if you only wanted to make a city without designing the buildings, you could zone areas, and they would be populated with user-made buildings. The tricky part is where to store all this. For seperate cities, you could save them to your consoles hard drive, but for an entire globe, I think there'd need to be a huge server network, all online, and it would basically beam the globe into your console every time you played. This would take a lot of bandwidth though, but one day, it will be done.

Probably see smaller scale advances on such an idea next gen

Bigbeats23 10-12-2010 08:18 PM

You guys have some great feedback. I assumed many fans of GTA probably thought of something like this before. It definitely would take too much time to create a game like this the traditional way. Some brilliant minds would have to create some software that could create realistic environments in terms of geography, climate, plantlife, etc. I could imagine inputting the size of the planet, where it is relative to the sun etc. Maybe you could even just tell the software what type of planet you want created, and the software would do all the work. For example, you could ask for a big gas planet, a few extreme smaller rocky planets, an icy planet, and of course, a nice living habitable planet. The software would then create a ready made solar system with working planetary orbits. Scientists are using similar software like this now, to try to understand how all kinds of stuff happens in our universe. I really believe a software like this will be developed at some time in the future for gaming applications. Somebody is always creating some software to make developing easier. As tech gets better, developers are able to do more, but doing more takes longer unless there is a way to make much faster. Just like hair in games. I bet one day every individual hair on a characters head will be perfectly modeled and have it's own physics, but who would want that job? The answer is always automation.

R* would then only have to worry about the cities, people, story and other traditional aspects of the game. It would still be a lot of work, but I think they could get it done in a few years. This would be a huge world, but nowhere close to the size of our planet, or even our moon. The surface area of our moon is 37.9 million square km, which is smaller than the surface area of Asia at 44.4 million square km. Those our really epic numbers, but I wonder if we were judging on a scale of "Mario Galaxy planet - an actual planet", what Red Dead's map would look like wrapped around a globe. Or how about Just Cause 2? Or even better Fuel? Would they look more like Mario Galaxy's Planets, or would they resemble something closer to our earth?

matt__jon 10-13-2010 06:43 AM

If I remember correctly, Far Cry had a foliage generating program so that no two trees were exactly the same. It sounds very similar to what you speak of, I've thought of this before too, basically a program would describe how a building/environment is supposed to look and then design it itself. Its probably the future of gaming really, as graphics get even more out of control and people demand more cars (it could be used to generate cars too), cities, etc, development time would take so long that somethings gotta give, and generating all those in-between not particularly noticable buildings (see also: tedious work) would speed up dev-time, and landmarks can be done by people if they really want them in the game that badly (which Rockstar would)

Just think: this could also be used to generate interiors to buildings, a very tedious thing to design. Every building could be enterable!!!

Good point, I didn't even think of a program that could do the same work. Though one drawback is the city may seem soul-less, having one generalized idea behind everything. Of course, they could go back and edit this stuff later to make it seem more like a lived in city

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