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Ash_735 06-03-2010 08:07 PM

The Random Event System
Now, I'm sure most of us have played Red Dead Redemption over the past few days, one thing stands out to me, the Random Event System, which makes the world feel more alive by always having something happen near by where you are traveling. Now, I'm going over in my head at what parts could be used in the next GTA game and up to now here's a few ideas of how it could be used:

Gang Ambushes
Pretty much same as RDR, you get called over to a broken down vehicle and a couple of gang members jump out the car and try and take you down, kill them to end the event and chose to spare or kill the vehicle owner.

Bag Snatchers
Similar to RDR and Vice City's Good Citizen Bonus, low life criminals mug random people in the street, who shout out that they've been robbed, you chase after the criminal and either kill or knock them out in a fight, reclaim stolen items and take them back to the victim.

Innocent Attacks
Since I doubt the next GTA game will have Coyotes and Wolves in the streets to attack people, replace these with thugs, who kidnap people and drag them off to alleys tobeat them, basic principle, take down all the gang members involved and make sure the innocent person walks away fine.

High Stakes Arm Wrestling
Duels are no longer a common thing, sadly, but as The Lost and Damned has shown, the Arm Wrestling Mini Game is both simple and quick to do, rather than have certain points to do this, you could have citizens in the streets who are sitting at tables, etc, challenge how tough you are and want to arm wrestle you, high stakes being that you could win $500+.

Point A to B Races
Very Similar to Burnout Paradise, at Traffic Lights you'll just get Drivers who want to have a quick race, from where you are, to a famous location in the city, kinda like the Taxi Fares, but more interesting.

Bird Shooting
Pretty much the same as RDR, but have these people on rooftops around the city instead, they challenge you and you get about One Minutes to shoot a certain numbers of birds out of the sky before they do. Simple.

There are just a few examples of how they could introduce that pretty awesome system into the next GTA game, because it does make a difference and really does make the land feel more alive, which is what GTA needs after the storyline is complete and 100% is attained.

victim 06-03-2010 08:59 PM

I definitely agree this would be a good idea. It obviously won't be too similar to RDR though because of the different settings. I definitely love the idea of bag snatches; you can choose to return the bag or whether to keep it.

You know, they could probably add drug deals and stuff like that to the mix. The player spots a drug deal happening in an alleyway and can choose to ignore it or to kill everyone and take the stash and money. Brilliant. This could then develop into a deeper minigame, say the dealing from Chinatown Wars for example, but that's another story for another day.

I'll try to think of more but I'll leave it at the one for now.

Jimmy_86 06-03-2010 11:05 PM

RDR definitely gained a lot from GTA IV and GTA in the future has a lot to gain from RDR.

I definitely like the bag snatcher idea, they could perhaps even give you the ability to steal bags yourself. You do play as a criminal after all.

Perhaps there could also be police incidents, maybe a shoot out at an armed robbery or something, you can choose who to help. Perhaps occasinally you would see a police car or two rushing somewhere with their sirens on, if you follow them you arrive at a crime scene.

This could also be a way to incorporate some Ambulance or Fire fighter gameplay back in. Say you see a fire truck on it's way to an emergency, you follow it and arrive at a burning building. The fire fighters can try to put out the fire while you heroically/foolishly rush in to save someone who's trapped. This could be a reason to bring back the fire extinguisher. Or you could man the water cannon while the real fire fighters go in to the building to rescue anyone.

Perhaps for an ambulance encounter, you see one heading to an emergency and follow it. When you get there, there are too many people to fit in one ambulance so a paramedic has to stay with the remaining victims. Meanwhile you have to drive the ambulance back to the hospital, then you return the ambulance to the scene of the accident and the paramedics take it from there.

Not necessarily realistic ideas but they might work in a game like this. They don't need to be too complex, just smallish things like the ones in RDR.

Jake2103 07-28-2010 11:12 AM

Great ideas, i think a extra cool element of the gang ambushes to be chased someone and that you hide behind a corner and hit the criminal chasing you with something like a stick or something, and that that will sometimes result in a gang fight if you're in a area that is part of a gang, and that this also will set the difficulty of the fight.(Big gang = difficult fight, etc.)

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