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dokujitsu 05-24-2010 11:03 PM

Would you be willing to sacrifice to keep an M rating?
I saw a post on the BoGT board about gore. Someone pointed out that none of the other GTA's had "gore" in the items listed under the M rating.

Without spoiling the mission it's in, yes there is a bit of gore in a certain part of the episode. You'd know it when you saw it because it hasn't been in any other GTA game yet. Pretty graphic!

In GTA 3 you could enter a code where you could shoot off limbs. I'd like to see this as a permanent thing in the next GTA even if it means getting gore listed.

Knowing that the games already push things to the limit and on the edge of an AO rating, would you be willing to sacrifice something(s) to get others in the game?

Obviously, I'm looking for some mutilation. So to get more blood, detached body parts and whatnot, I'd sacrifice sexual content. I've had my fun with hookers and all the dirty jokes. I wouldn't miss it if it ment getting more gore.

So how about you all?

Ash_735 05-24-2010 11:14 PM

In all honesty, GTA doesn't push the rating, it just gets picked on by the media because it's popular, one of the reasons animals never appear in GTA is apparently because of fears of backlash from certain groups, etc, yet there are plenty of other games out there, even another recent Rockstar Game, RDR, that has animals in it, and you can kill them, etc. In regards to ratings, GTA is already in a negative view for simply being GTA.

Thomas B. 05-25-2010 04:47 PM

R* already got rid of some of the gore in GTA IV that was present in Vice City and San Andreas. I remember how in Vice City when you shot someone in the head, their head would come off and they would walk around for a few seconds. In GTA IV, there is barely any gore.

In my opinion, the next GTA should be as gory as Fallout 3.

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