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OriginalDaniel 12-13-2009 07:28 PM

Skin/Player Mod Request
Hello all now im no good at modding (yet) but i was about to start a huge gta4 machinima project and i need a certain skin to make it look more badass if not better so here it is

Gerard Butler
as seen in the movies "300" and "Gamer" he is one Badass and i was hopeing someone could make a mod to replace Niko and/or one of the MaleMultiplayer models with him and maybe some sort of TShirt mod?
as ive seen how Niko always wears Jakets or Longsleeve shirts so it doesnt show off his maco baddass body that he has tho id be Extremely happy to just get a simple mod to change niko into looking like Gerard

heres some photos of him i was hopeing to use this model in a big future machinima project for gta4

so if someone could make this mod for me (or link me towards some guides on how to do it myself) youd get a biiig thanks (and a cookie..)


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