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Classified 08-13-2009 09:49 AM

how do i create mods for gta 4 on the pc?
i am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to create my own mods? like how i create the texture of a ferrari and replace the turismo with the ferrari texture so there is a ferrari in the game and not a turismo.

and also ive seen lots of videos and they only show me how to replace files with already made mods, thats not what i want to do. i want to make my own mods and then replace the original game files.

behzad_sol 08-13-2009 01:36 PM

you must have 3D Modelling knowledge to make your own vehicle mods. there are lots of programs for it like 3Ds Max or Zmodeller etc. for more information and tutorials contact Vehicle Modders

Mr.T 08-13-2009 02:45 PM

yo i dont no how to mods can u help me

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