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HitBox 08-01-2009 02:28 PM

Vehicle Mod limit perhaps?
hey there
im new here but been a fan of the GTA mod scene since GTA3

the last time i modded GTA i managed to replace all the vehicles in SA- took me ages to find out which ones worked like lol

anyways-saw that the mod scene has picked up for GTAIV so started moddin vehicles....

the problem is that i've modded about 7 cars so far (all the mods are available on this site)
but after the 4th car mod-the cars are just disappearing and being replaced by the huge backlog of IV's car collection

The mods ive got installed are
-Ferrari F430 (replaces Turismo-works)
-Porsche Cayman S (replaces Comet-works)
-Mercedes SL65 (replaces Feltzer-works)
-BMW M3 (replaces sentinel-cant spawn ?)
-Subaru Impreza (replaces uranus-cant spawn?)
-Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (replaces Infernus-cant spawn?)
-Nissan 200SX (replaces Sabre-cant spawn?)

now ive tried a gazillion car spawners-they dont work for some reason even tried a traffic control that doesnt work either.......

anyone else gettin any probs or is it just me

thanks :)

rappo 08-01-2009 03:16 PM

nope, there's no limit, and you should be able to spawn any car even if its modded. not sure what car spawner youre using, but i'd suggest the inGame Trainer:

thenotsogoodtrickster 08-02-2009 07:46 AM

Are you sure you successfully saved and rebuilt the vehicles files? I always make sure to click rebuild then save when I import something new, but occasionally I forget and think something went horribly wrong just like you.

If the original car is spawning, then it's possible you forgot to rebuild and save, but if nothing spans at all, I'm stuck :/

I'm not sure you have to rebuild, but it makes sense to me.

markuz008 08-02-2009 12:16 PM

always remember to save twice them cars on SparkIV (for twice success, lol) and check if ur trainer doesnt spawn wrong cars, sometimes i had that in SA when i wanted spawn Infernus, it spawned me completely other car. :) good luck.

HitBox 08-02-2009 05:18 PM

sorted it :D

managed to get that Trainer going that rappo suggested

thanks for your help :)

Phanz 09-02-2009 08:55 AM

I have the same problem as HitBox!

so what I should do is download and apply the trainer provided by rappo?

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