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xddj 06-30-2009 01:29 AM

No blip mod
I have a problem to remove my blip.
I tested with these functions, but nothing happens.

static Ped GetBlipInfoIdPedIndex(Blip blip) { return NativeInvoke::Invoke<Ped>("GET_BLIP_INFO_ID_PED_INDEX", blip); }
static void RemoveBlip(Blip blip) { NativeInvoke::Invoke<ScriptVoid>("REMOVE_BLIP", blip); }

What function to use to get the player blip?
And what function to delete it?

I write it like this, but nothing happens.

Ped ped;
Blip blip;

GetPlayerChar(GetPlayer(), &ped);
if (DoesBlipExist(blip))

I've tried everything and I can not find. Maybe i do a stupid error.
Someone can help me ..?

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