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xddj 06-30-2009 01:11 AM

Crazy hack in ranked game..
Hi All,

Since about 2 weeks when I play in multiplayer GTA, I suffered (me and other players) a strange hack.
I explained to you.
Some cheaters come in a deathmatch game, and, if a player denounces a cheater, then, one of the cheaters of the group crashes the game of the player. The game crashes in one second (no spawn lag or other thing like this)
These cheaters completely destroy the ranked games..

This hack is very strange because when i try to re-enter in the party, my game crashes again.. and before being completly logged into the party (therefore it is an automatic script)

The hack crashes my game systematically each time i trying to return in the party with the same gamertag..

The only solution for me is to change gamertag, and, if I denounce the cheat again, then, my game crashes yet (and the gamertag is still unusable for this party ..)

Again and again..
And the man who do this isn't the host...

This is script who crashes the gamertag during all the party, without being host..

You know this hack ?
If you know, could you make an Anti hack ?
How this shit can work ? (In broad terms ..)

Now, networkkickplayer is useless...

(sorry for my bad english, i'm french)

EDIT: I think I found how they do.

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