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De7erminist 06-20-2009 05:49 AM

Real-life Lost MC
Hey, has anyone seen this website?

There's actually a motorcycle club in real-life called the Lost MC! I don't know if it's real or fake though. I found this while searching for some TLAD images.

Ash_735 06-20-2009 07:16 AM

It might be good if you linked us. :P

De7erminist 06-20-2009 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Ash_735 (Post 2008520)
It might be good if you linked us. :P

Whoops... error with my copy+pasting, must've copied the title, not the link, LOL.


Ash_735 06-20-2009 09:08 AM

Ahh, interesting read, the real Lost MC is nothing like the GTA version, they have some nice rides though.

De7erminist 06-21-2009 12:45 AM

I wonder if they know about The Lost and Damned, and if so, how they feel about it.

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