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danko_bowlic 03-24-2009 01:34 PM

Move Multiple Cars?
Does anyone know if this is possible? (Sorry if this is a mis-post or its already somewhere else, but) I wanted to take multiple luxury cars over to stevies garage for some quick cash but the only way i've figured is pushing one with the other, which sucks. No tow trucks like in SA? Or are there car carriers that you can use?

thenotsogoodtrickster 03-24-2009 01:35 PM

You can't without pushing, no car carriers, and even if there were tow trucks... You'd still be only moving one :P

behzad_sol 03-24-2009 01:36 PM

Are you playing it on PC?

danko_bowlic 03-24-2009 09:00 PM

@ trickster: ahh, good point, I don't know, I guess all the frustrations of pushing turismos and finally finding a forklift that doesn't lift has wiped me out, and looking back at four tow truck caravans took me to a happier place.

And I'm playing it on 360.

And I'm assuming you can't catch cars on the skids of a helicopter? I tried to with one of those spoiler speedboats but no dice...

Nite 03-24-2009 09:51 PM

unfortunately you can't move more than 1 car at once, I tried with a flatbed truck and it just falls off, and the ramp truck in GTA4 doesn't go all the way to the ground so its useless too and yea no tow trucks either :/

lillb 03-24-2009 10:47 PM

tow trucks in TLAD but they are still useless might as well not have put them in

flint.44 03-25-2009 09:35 AM

You could try switching from car to car. It is a slow, painstaking process though and there is a chance that you will lose both cars. Stevie only asks for one car at a time though, in random order. Why do you want to push two over there?

lillb 03-25-2009 12:49 PM

I believe he's finished and just wants to make extra cash by selling cars to stevie which u can do at any time after delivering all the cars

danko_bowlic 03-25-2009 01:30 PM

@ flint.44/lilb: Ya I've already completed the texts, I just had a Turismo parked at my broker house and wanted to just scoop up all the ones (with the nonexistent mover that could've been parked too) that spawned around it whenever I had the time. I can understand when a game features a new vehicle and it's features are somewhat limited, but to remove features from previously included vehicles? That's lame, especially in a game like this, where probably the main attraction is it's 'limitlessness.' I like the good graphics and subtle nuances (my favorite being the cell phone noise that goes on in car speakers, sometimes for 'no' reason,), but I was expecting really crazy, cool features that only the innovation shown in past editions could provide. Oh well, here's hoping for a good GTA V!

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