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GTAGamemaster 03-16-2009 08:44 AM

Back to the Future MOD?.
Hello, im new to this forum and im wonding if there is a GTA IV Back to the Future mod for PS3 or either PC?. I was on my PS3 yesterday and i noticed a guy had a simmerlar car to a delorean of BTTF. Now, he was heading straight for me near the airport and he just dissapeared right in front of me. Like the movie itself, it had no flames left over on the pavement.All it had was a few tire mark tracks left behind him. I can't remember what this person's name was, he left.

I am hoping for a GTA BTTF Mod with the delorean and speeding up to 88 miles per hour to time travel out of that game and into another?. Can anyone help me out here. I hope the next GTA Game (GTA V) will have something very simmerler to this. I hope so.




GTAGamemaster 03-19-2009 05:08 PM

Anyone?, anyone at all?.

:| :confused:

Ænemy 03-19-2009 06:10 PM

Doubtful. Since GTA IV PC seems to be found as being much harder to mod than Vice City was. Not possible for console anyway.

But it'd be freakin' awesome.

GTAGamemaster 03-20-2009 08:15 AM

Oh, ok. Shame it would work really well. They should do it in GTA 5 (GTA V). Hopefully someone will do it.

brew1 03-25-2009 10:41 AM

sounds like maybe a grey infernus spawning fire behind it then teleporting? haha its a funny idea, i think im going to make my character look like Christopher Lloyd and do that.

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