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That_Face 03-07-2009 01:59 PM

My Ideas On The Next Installment
Right i've been thinking lately about the next installment of the game and have made a list of things that i would like to see in the game in many areas. To start I will start with the weapons.

Weapons & Combat

More styles of combat, Kickboxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu ect.
Weapons that suit that style of combat e.g Nunchaku (Karate), Katana Swords
More handheld weapons e.g Meat Cleaver, Machete, Pipe Bombs, Tear Gas (Like Vice City), Flashbangs, Dagger
M2 Browning machine guns, to mount and fire in missions with lots of enemies
Pancor Jackhammer shotgun
Lots of different gun shops that sell a certain type of weapon


BMX's to make a return
Possibly Skateboards for cool getaways from cops down alleys ect. that cars and bikes can't get down
More supercars, at the moment there is only a few supercars, Comet, Infernus, Turismo, Sultan RS. We need more cars that are like the Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghinis, Ferraris ect.
Jet Ski's (Like Vice City Stories)
Toyota Winglet Personal Transpot Assistant to be included would be nice
I would like Dune Buggys to be included for that off-road experience
(NEW)Tanks to re-appear, they are so much fun when you have completed the storyline.
(NEW)Aeroplanes to re-appear, mostly because they are good fun and better than Helicopters. (Especially the Dodo)
(NEW)More range of cars such as 3 wheelers and Caterman cars ect.
(NEW)Hand Gliders would be a nice touch.
(NEW)Lawnmowers would be a very fun inclusion.
(NEW)Combine Harvesters shuld make a return as well as Tractors.


Not another "Fresh off the boat guy" it just gets boring with the same starts most of the time.
Maybe an undercover cop that works hard and is honest until he is betrayed by his superiors and is deleted from the police database
Or possibly a protagonist that has been on the island for some time as some sort of drug exporter then a deal goes wrong and he gets framed (or something along those lines) and his friends and family turn against him. He then has to find who framed him and win back the trust of his family.
(NEW)I personally would like a protagonist that has the nationality of either Jamaican, Cuban, Columbian or even English.


Mixed cities is a must not 3 islands based on just NY. The most wanted cities are said to be Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland.
More enterable buildings, that can lead to robberies again such as the ones in GTA SA.
More pedestrians in certain cities, in GTA IV it was based in NY that is jam packed with pedestrians however there were not that many comapared to NY.
A few islands off the coast of the main island. Maybe a very small island based on Alaska or the Hawain islands.
A prison island just like Saints Row, however you could maybe go inside and visit characters that could possibly get arrested in missions ect.
More safehouses and this time with Garages or Underground parking.
Maybe even a garage that is near your safehouse. But not directly next to it, maybe a few streets away.


More up to date modern music
No specific channels for Music, like the english radio have channels that play a lot of different genres.


More references to previous characters
Be able to do missions with former protagonists.


(NEW)More side-missions to do. This time the side missions were boring like LJ's drug deals ect.
(NEW)Moe things to do with friends and more friends with special abilities.
(NEW)Or as an alternative have more than 1 special ability for each friend.
(NEW)More Comedy acts for the clubs like Split Sudes. Personally I would like Peter Kay and Lee Evans as well as a few other.(NEW)Maybe a Cinema that show short films related to old GTA games.

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