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That_Face 03-07-2009 01:49 PM

Chauffeur Mod
I was wondering if it is possible to make a mod. Just like the Bodyguard mod that enables you to spawn Chauffeurs that are just like Taxi's so you can go on rampages and just sit as the passenger and shoot cops ect. If this is possible could someone have a go at making it please as i don't know how to make mods.

rappo 03-07-2009 04:23 PM

I made something SORT OF similar, if you want to check it out:

You don't spawn chauffers, you just enter anybody's car. Most pedestrians will drive faster when you do a drive-by. So it's almost like having your own chauffer to run from the cops :P

That_Face 03-08-2009 07:22 AM

Ok thanks for that mate.

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