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_Karma_ 02-02-2009 09:04 PM

Modding Question - Will this ever be possible?
Hey guys, I'm new here so hello and thanks for having me. :)
I've actually been around here for awhile but never registered.
Anyway, does any modder think that there would be any way to eventually add a new clothing store with a completely new (custom made, obviously) set of clothing and put these types of things into the game?
I'm dying to see the world open up with different usable buildings and shops...even activities.
Is this sort of thing even possible given the game's engine limits in terms of modding? It'd be amazing to see the city turn into a real, raging city. I always wish I could just walk into the builings, hehe.

Even something as simple as adding a vending machine in certain lots? Like the internet cafe, maybe turn the coffee machine into something you can actually use to buy a drink?
This is something I would have expected given the amount of detail that R* did take into consideration. I love some of the silly, random things you can do.

On a completely different note, where are the toilets in Liberty City?! Is that why I saw a man peeing against the wall in an apartment building? (It's a rhetorical question, really)! ;)

PS: I should add that I am a texture artist which is why I wonder about the addition of stores and such. It would be so much cooler to add content rather than replace it.

rappo 02-02-2009 10:01 PM

As of now, no it's not possible. At the rate modding is going - maybe in a couple of months or so, but that is purely a guess.

_Karma_ 02-02-2009 11:58 PM

Well, good to know that it's a possibility.
On a different note, I think I've mistakenly posted this in the wrong section. Any chance a mod or admin (rappo?) could move it over into the correct place for modding chat?
My apologies and thank you in advance.

I'd love to hear more ideas on this sort of thing being possible in future moddng, so jump in if you have an opinion, or even better, an informed idea of it's possibility!

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