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Leito 01-22-2009 04:10 PM

Bodyguard Mod - How detain character?
Hi everyone! I got a problem. I dont know how word mods in alice, but how make to character dont follow me, but stay in place when i push a button on keyboard in Bodyguard Mod? I need thereof, because I making the movie and using bodyguard mod. :P All movies in polish language.


Sry for dont best speaking, but im pole. ;)

Plz, help. :)

rappo 01-22-2009 05:21 PM

Hey I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. If you want to know how to keep guards in place then that isn't possible with this mod, but you can make them leave you by pressing Shift + F4.

Leito 01-23-2009 01:27 AM

Ah. :( I was think, that it is possible, because character by pressing shift+f4 they run away. With which mod it is possible?

rappo 01-23-2009 04:15 AM

None that I know of, but you can use the Player Selector Mod to change Niko's look. That will allow you to do whatever you want with characters.

Leito 01-23-2009 04:22 AM

Ok, thx for help.

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