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CoMPMStR 01-21-2009 07:52 PM

[RELEASE] Handheld Teleport Device Script

This is what you've all been waiting for, a teleport script. This script is unique and allows you to add locations and even remove the selected location from the collection. Alternately, for easier removal, you can clear the entire collection with only 1 keypress. You can cycle through each of the items forward or in reverse, update the selected location with your current location, and warp to the selected location. It's all thanks to HazardX and his .NET ScriptHook, without it this wouldn't be possible.

NEW in v1.1:

- Fixed the issue of the teleport function placing you in the water/underground.
- Added a confirmation message to the update location hotkey.
- Street name is now displayed after teleporting to a location.

This script allows you to configure the hotkeys used to your liking. The keys are assigned the numerical representation of the respective VK enum. I've included a text file with a listing of all available keys, incase some of you don't know the numerical value of the key you'd like to use.

NOTE: You can change the options during gameplay without exiting the game. After you've saved any changes, simply reload the game and the changes will take effect.


Default Hotkeys:

Numpad Add (107): Next Location Index
Numpad Subtract (109): Previous Location Index
Numpad Multiply (106): Teleport/Warp
Numpad Divide (111): Update Location
OemPlus [+=] (187): Add Location
OemMinus [_-] (189): Remove Location
Backspace (8): Clear Location Data
OemOpenBracket (219): Load Teleport Data
OemCloseBracket (221): Save Teleport Data

Options Information:

Next Location Index: Increases the current location index by 1.
Previous Location Index: Decreases the current location index by 1.
Teleport/Warp: Teleports Niko to the selected location.
Update Location: Updates the selected location with Niko's current position.
Add Location: Adds a new location to the data collection.
Remove Location: Removes the selected location from the data collection.
Clear Location Data: Removes all the locations from the data collection.
Load Teleport Data: Loads the data collection from the location data file.
Save Teleport Data: Saves the data collection to the location data file.

Settings Information:

NEXTINDEX = Next Location Index
PREVINDEX = Previous Location Index
TELEPORT = Teleport/Warp
UPDATE = Update Location
ADDLOC = Add Location
REMOVELOC = Remove Location
CLEARLOC = Clear Location Data
LOADTELEPORT = Load Teleport Data
SAVETELEPORT = Save Teleport Data

RETELETIME = Amount of time (in ms) to rewarp you to the selected location. (DEFAULT=1000)

To Install:

First you will need to obtain a copy of HazardX's .NET ScriptHook. After you've installed the .NET ScriptHook simply copy the /scripts folder to the GTAIV root folder.

Optional: If you choose to use the default hotkeys, you don't need to copy the "telesettings.ini" file. However, if you do intend to change some things, you need to copy the "telesettings.ini" file to the same location as the script, in the <GTAIVROOT>/scripts folder.

Optional2: Also included in the /scripts folder is a file "locdata.ini". This file saves all the teleport location data you record with this script, and like the rest, needs to be copied to the <GTAIVROOT>/scripts folder if you plan to use it. The initial file only contains 52 slightly random locations around the map. Future releases may include the important locations such as flying rats and unique jumps (unless someone else contributes before me).

Minimum Requirements:

.NET Framework v2.0
GTAIV PC Installation
Any ASI Loader
HazardX's .NET ScriptHook

Recommended Requirements:

.NET Framework v3.5
GTAIV PC Installation
Any ASI Loader
HazardX's .NET ScriptHook


.NET Framework v3.5:
ASI Loader by Alexander Blade:
Xliveless by listener:
.NET ScriptHook by HazardX:


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