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Zidane 12-03-2008 02:45 PM

Rockstar's Notification That Everything Is Alright (PC Version Issues)
I've received an email from the Rockstar Games webmaster


Hey guys,

We are aware that a small number of fans are having problems running GTA IV on their PC’s and we would like to assure them we are working to help solve these as quickly as possible.

We would ask anyone that is encountering difficulties to contact their local technical support helpline for advice and recommendations. These telephone numbers can be found in the game’s manual.

There is also a regularly updated technical support page available on the Rockstar Games website where there are many useful faqs and information on how to resolve some common problems being encountered.
So, Rockstar are aware of the problems, and will be on the ball trying to make things run smooth. They won't leave you twisting in the wind. Expect a patch in the near future.

*TomeR* 12-03-2008 03:18 PM

Small number of fans having this problem?
I don't think so...
And they've said that they will only fix the problem of people who can't run it, and it's not about tun the game smoothly,on my opinion...

kalogias 12-05-2008 05:55 PM

Ehm.... Small numbers off fans.... The whole world is doing voodoo t them right now for this junk. We need some super computer from outer space and time to play the game? I can play t my machine FA3 Dead Space and FC2 in full settings and cant play this in the lowest of the lowest settings???? You got t be kidding me man. They have to apologize to gamers for this. especially telling us that is our fault for not having a computer from the future.... What a lame excuse.

waldoribeiro 12-06-2008 11:54 AM


Our game is currently only Direct X 9. We've done everything possible to make it look great for DX9.

We use a Deferred Lighting model that most other game don't use. Ill try and get some more info up next week since the technical details since this will probably be interesting to many of you. AA does not work very well with our lighting model unless the game is DX10.

For the forums it's clear that there is huge demand for AA support, so we will be looking into it.

This is just one of the replies on this thread from Rockstar Toronto. They are actively involved at solving our issues on that forum.

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