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rappo 09-17-2008 11:41 AM

Introducing San Andreas CLEO mods at GTAGaming
I've just recently added a new section to our <a href="/downloads" target="_blank">GTA mods</a> database dedicated to <b><a href="/downloads?p=category&id=60" target="_blank">San Andreas CLEO Mods</a></b>. For those of you that don't know, CLEO is (in the grand scheme of GTA modding) a relatively new scripting system that allows modders to create custom SCM code (basically mission mods) and run them in-game, on the fly, without replacing the main.scm file. CLEO mods have been a big part of the GTA community for a while, and now they're finally available right here on GTAGaming!

<b>Examples of CLEO mods:</b>
<center><a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1702" target="_blank"><img src="/images/mods/" border="1" /></a> <a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1718" target="_blank"><img src="/images/mods/" border="1" /></a></center><ul><li><b><a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1702" target="_blank">Portal Gun</a></b>: Allows you to create teleportation holes just like in Valve's hit game Portal</li><li><b><a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1703" target="_blank">The Transporter</a></b>: Adds a new and challenging mission to San Andreas that has you escort a VIP across the Gant Bridge</li><li><b><a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1717" target="_blank">Time Stoppers</a></b>: Lets you freeze (or just really really slow down) time by entering a cheat</li><li><b><a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1718" target="_blank">FPS Mode</a></b>: Puts the game in a first-person perspective, making it look a lot like Doom</li><li><b><a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1719" target="_blank">Taxi Mod</a></b>: Allows you to plot a map point and call for a taxi to take you there (like in GTA IV)</li><li><b>GTA IV Feature series</b>: A collection of mods that bring more features from GTA IV to San Andreas (<a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1720" target="_blank">Burnout</a>, <a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1721" target="_blank">Bike Helmet</a>, <a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1722" target="_blank">Surrender</a>, <a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1723" target="_blank">Car Fire</a>, <a href="/downloads?p=file&id=1724" target="_blank">Window Crash</a>)</li></ul>To run these mods, you'll need to first install the <a href="" target="_blank">CLEO 3 Library</a> in your game's directory. It's a very simple installation and the program will be automatically loaded whenever you start up San Andreas.

With <a href="/downloads?p=category&id=60" target="_blank">CLEO mods</a>, the possibilities are almost endless, so be sure to keep an eye out for more additions!

cheetah22* 11-12-2011 12:18 AM

i downloaded it and it doesnt work

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